Water Resource Management

Water is essential for the sustenance of life

Water scarcity and contaminated water are large burdens on rural Ethiopian Communities. 

GTF has initiated a variety of water resource projects in remote communities to decrease the scarcity burden.  They aid by drilling boreholes, building Rock catchment dams, sand dams, water ponds, and roof water harvesting systems.  During the rainy season (June to September), rain water is collected or "harvested" for the villages to use during the dry season (September to February).  Oftentimes the water collected during the rainy season is not enough to meet the village needs.

Contaminated water is another burden that affects Ethiopian communities. Water quality initiatives by the Ethiopian government are minimal to non-existent.  This leaves it up to each community to solve their own water purification problem or contend with consuming contaminated water.  In 2015 GTF introduced a water purification system initiative with the hopes of decreasing diseases related to the consumption of contaminated water.